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A Letter from Dr. Tressa Kelly

Hello! I’m Dr. Tressa Kelly, and it is my privilege to serve as First Lady of the University of West Georgia. My good friend, Wolfie, and I have some exciting news to share with you! After years of wondering how Wolfie first fell in love with UWG, we finally have our answer, thanks to a new book written specifically for some of our youngest Wolves: “Wolfie Finds His Howl.”

This book – written, illustrated, produced, and brought to you by a team of our talented staff members – shows what happened when young Wolfie visited our university on a school field trip. Through his adventures – and a couple of friendly students he meets along the way – he finds out what it really means to be a Wolf.

This tale of bravery – with a few features of campus that our students and alumni will recognize – officially launched online, at the UWG Bookstore, and at special events on Monday, Oct. 18. You can order your very own copy right now – and customize it so Wolfie can share his story with you in a personalized way!

With your purchase, you will support UWG and our students both now and in the future! All proceeds of “Wolfie Finds His Howl” and its extended product line will go directly into the UWG scholarship fund so that generations of Wolves – maybe even the young readers who enjoy this book – will benefit from the educational experience that UWG provides.

We hope you enjoy this story of Wolfie’s growth from a timid, young pup to the enthusiastic, charismatic UWG mascot he is today. We can’t wait for you to read it!

Go West, and Go Wolves!

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Tressa Kelly, Ph.D.
First Lady
University of West Georgia

Production Note

From conception to distribution, “Wolfie Finds His Howl” was designed to inspire pride in the University of West Georgia’s students, faculty, staff, community partners, and more than 73,000 alumni – all of whom know exactly what it means to be a Wolf.

This book is entirely a product of the university, completed internally to maximize proceeds and elevate the talents of the university’s staff, who captured the essence of UWG through the eyes of a child and, in turn, strengthened the sense of belonging and connectedness throughout the university community.

Distinctive gratitude is owed to the following individuals, who contributed to the development of this story and how it will soon arrive in your hands:

  • Dr. Brendan Kelly, President
  • Dr. Tressa Kelly, First Lady
  • Dr. Meredith Brunen, Vice President of University Advancement and CEO of UWG Foundations
  • Jami Bower, Associate Vice President of Constituent Relations and Engagement
  • Brandy Barker, Executive Director of Creative Services
  • Allyson Bretch, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement
  • Colton Campbell, Director of Strategic Communications
  • Michael Post, Director of Print and Mail Services
  • Ryan Nelson, Manager of the UWG Bookstore
  • Julie Lineback, Communications Specialist
  • Kendall Plapp, Graphic Designer and Illustrator


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