Testing Students with Accommodations

Based on documentation on file with Accessibility Services in the UWG Counseling Center and with the permission of the instructor, a University of West Georgia student with a physical and/or learning disability may be entitled to accommodations with regard to classroom exams. The university’s Testing Office is available to provide assistance to those students eligible for accommodations. 

These testing accommodations generally fall into one or more of the following categories: extended time in a setting less distracting than the actual classroom, a computer for word processing, an optical enlarger for those with visual impairments, and in some cases a reader/transcriber.

In order to make arrangements for special testing opportunities, please note the following:

  1. ***Please note: ALL on-campus testing has been post-poned during this time, due to UWG campus closure. Please email testwest@westga.edu for more details.***
  2. The student must have documentation on file with Accessibility Services; this documentation meets Board of Regents’ criteria for establishing the need for testing accommodations.
  3. The student has presented that semester’s instructors with a copy of the Student Accommodations Report (SAR), available from Accessibility Services, indicating what accommodations have been approved.  In the majority of cases, those students eligible for extended time receive anywhere from 50% more time to double time what the students testing in the classroom receive. 
  4. With the instructor’s approval, the student sets up appointments with the Testing Office identifying the tests to be taken, the instructors involved, and the accommodations approved.  Students who have syllabi with the testing dates for the semester identified should make their appointments as early in the semester as possible.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to make appointments with the Testing Office and then remind the instructor to be sure the test is sent to the Testing Office prior to the student’s arrival to take the test.
  6. Academic Testing Services strictly enforces a 48-hour in advance policy for students to schedule testing appointments with us. The recommended time to schedule exams with us is at least one week ahead, but you are required to schedule at least 2 business days prior to your exam time. We strongly encourage that you schedule all of your testing appointments for confirmed test dates at the beginning of each semester. If you have any questions or concerns regarding scheduling testing appointments, please email: testwest@westga.edu
  7. In general, students taking tests with extended time are expected to take their tests at essentially the same time that the rest of the class is testing.  In some cases, a student may have to come in earlier than the regularly scheduled class time or—due to the academic schedule—may have to come in later than the regular class period.  A person testing before the class starts or after the class has finished an exam must have the permission of the instructor.
  8. Students who have testing appointments are expected to show up on time and with all necessary materials.  The testing office does not provide scantrons, blue books, or other materials such as calculators that may be needed for the test.  If an instructor has approved the use of scratch paper, that will be provided by the testing office.
  9. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor, the testing office is responsible for delivering the completed test to the instructor’s departmental mailbox.