Our Allies

Logan Hall Taulien
Anthony Powers
Katie Ross
Nicole Wolfe
Allyson Bretch
Keri Allen
John Brittian
Chelsea Duncan
Elizabeth Freeman
Joy Ginther
Samuel Horsley
Cindy McGehee
Rose Payne
Iman Poostdoozan
Tamija Tucker
Business and Finance
Michael Nelson
Campus Planning and Facilities
Amy Hollingsworth
Career Services
Jonathan James
Center for Academic Success
Jerome Lee
Paula Neild
Carrie Ziglar
Center for Teaching and Learning
Rod McRae
  • Center for Teaching and Learning: Rod McRae

College of Arts and Humanities
Melissa Sullivan
College of Education
Sabra Broome
Kim Rajczyk
Marnica Reid
Bethany Schmelzer
Melissa Wynn
College of Social Sciences
Kathleen Barrett
Emily McKendry-Smith
Melanie McLean
Viviene Wood
Communication Sciences and Professional Counseling
Ryan Bronkema
  • Communication Sciences and Professional Counseling: Ryan Bronkema

Controller's Office
Kayla Cooper
Counseling Services
Samuel McIntyre
Distance Education
Vicki Griffin
Jimmy Hulsey
Meredith NeSmith Ledbetter
Jennifer Stewart
Randy Blackmon
Mia Fanning
Karen Lingrell
Christy Talley Smith
Katie Taylor
Marla Wilks
Education Abroad
Jessica Renard
English and Philosophy
Brittney Drummond
Amanda Shoemake
Enrollment Services Center
Justin Ardrey
Clint Backstrom
Harriett Holley
Becky Nelson
Ashlee Pollard
Tammy Rollins
Felicia Rozier
Trudy Saxon
Extended Learning, Newnam Campus
Lauren Allen
Brittany Cook
Julili Fowler
Teri Lewis
Financial Aid
Stefanie Anderson
Housing and Residence Life
Richard Adams
Donna Bennett
Hailey Macke
Human Resources
Dixie Curley
Alicia Hargraves-Bradford
Claudia Lyerly
Mary Beth Phillips
Lindsay Sneddon
Erin Williams
Information Technology Services, ITS
Annemarie Eades
Ingram Library
Ashley Carroll-McCarley
Jean Marie Cook
Blynne Olivieri
Institutional Diversity, President's Office
Deirdre Haywood-Rouse
Ashley Lewis
International Student Admissions and Programs
Brett Reichert
Registrar's Office
Wanda Eidson
Rachel Fischer
Melissa Frederick
Jennifer McManus
Diana Trimble
Richards College of Business
Jessica Wilson
Sport Management, Wellness, and Physical Education
Jennifer Heidorn
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Planning
Alicia Welch
  • Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Planning: Alicia Welch

Tanner School of Nursing
Kelly Dyar
University Writing Center
Duane Theobald