UWG values our role in the community. In fact, successful partnerships are one of our four strategic imperatives:

"The University of West Georgia is dedicated to serving our students, faculty, staff, and community in ways that benefit all parties. Value-added partnerships provide a foundation for enhancing the strengths and innovative capabilities of multiple parties and building synergies that go beyond what any one party can achieve on its own. Engaged partnerships create connections that transcend an individual project and provide ongoing collaborations that facilitate achievement of mutually compatible goals. UWG values collaborations across campus and with community partners.

"UWG is committed to being the hub of economic growth in the region. With an expanding presence, UWG serves as an economic growth engine for the entire state of Georgia. In collaboration with leaders in areas like health care, business, technology, agriculture, government, media, performing arts, libraries, cultural heritage and preservation, military, non-profit organizations, and P-12 and other educational institutions, UWG will cultivate a strong network of partners dedicated to making the region a better place to live, work, learn, and play."



UWG values our role in building partnerships for West Georgia's success.

Our mission is to facilitate sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships and projects between UWG and the diverse West Georgia community for the benefit of all. Our vision is that UWG and the community will value each other and collaborate thoughtfully and intentionally to foster student success and community improvement.

UWG is committed to supporting the development and growth of business and industry throughout the West Georgia region. With an economic impact of $605,000,000.00, UWG serves as a strong economic growth engine for the entire state of Georgia. At UWG, we believe that a solid connection between the university and the community is critical to helping us become the best place to work, learn, and succeed. Our goal is to provide both the region and the UWG community with the resources we need to Carnegie Foundation Public Service and Outreach Sealsupport one another and benefit from what each has to offer.

Carnegie Foundation Community-Engaged Institution
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