All Gender and Accessible Restroom: A list of all single-occupant, all-gender and accessible restrooms on the UWG Carrolton Campus.

The interdisciplinary minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies provides an academic forum for the examination of gender and sexuality in contemporary and historical global cultures. It pursues the academic study not only of sexual diversity but also of masculinity and femininity as culturally and historically contingent phenomena.

Women’s Studies at UWG is an interdisciplinary program designed to introduce students to feminist scholarship which emphasizes the cross-cultural understanding of the social, political and cultural experiences of women. Women's Studies seeks to critically analyze the intersection/interaction of gender, race, class and power across time and space.

Human Resources provides a variety of information about work-life balance for employed faculty, staff, and students.

The Responsible Sexuality Committee (UWG) was formed to encourage students to protect themselves and others from harm with regard to sexually-related behavior

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