The University of West Georgia adopted the use of a campus-wide centralized scheduling software effective February 1, 2018. All reservation requests for university employees and student organizations can now be made through the Reserve West web app. Users are able to request space and manage their reservations through their accounts within this system. Non-UWG affiliated groups will work request space through an external form and work with a Reserve West administrator during the reservation process.

To reserve space and/or plan an event at the University of West Georgia please select an option below that best describes your affiliation with the University. The correct selection is important as the policies can vary by audience.

Note:  If you are a UWG employee or president/vice-president of a registered student organization that is not able to log in to the Reserve West web app, then please complete the Reserve West Access Request Form .

Faculty, Staff, and Student Organizations

All university faculy and staff can make reservations on campus by signing in to Reserve West with their UWG username and password. UWG users can request available space and manage existing reservations through the Reserve West web app.  Presidents, Vice Presidents, and university advisors are able to make reservations for UWG registered student organizations. Presidents and Vice Presidents are to sign in to Reserve West with their full myUWG email address and password. University advisors should use their UWG username and password to log in.

Reserve Space

Non-UWG Affiliated Groups

To reserve space, please complete the following form. The UWG party responsible for the requested space will contact you within 3-5 business days of your request.

Reserve Space