The Division of Academic Affairs is responsible for overseeing the scheduling of general classroom space. The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs has established formal scheduling protocols to ensure effective centralized scheduling for academic defined space and to provide academic departments, faculty/staff, and registered student organizations a means by which to reserve general classroom space.  Academic uses of these spaces shall have priority over other uses.

The Academic Scheduler will schedule all academic courses in the general classroom space as first priority. Once course room assignments have been confirmed, general classroom space will become available for other priority levels. The Academic Scheduler will authorize requests of general classroom space based on factors including but not limited to: availability of space, space use priority, or relevancy of space. Requests in academic space may consist of meetings, academic lectures, and review sessions.


Academic Classroom Priority 

  • Spring 2021
    Priority 1: Academic Courses (November 1 - December 23)
    Priority 2: Academic Meetings/Events & Supplemental Instruction Sessions (January 4)
    Priority 3: Student Organizations (January 18)
    Priority 4: Third Party/Non-UWG Affliated Groups (TBD)

Events in academic classrooms cannot be scheduled during the first week of classes and during final exams. Scheduling priority for academic buildings will be in the following rank order:

Priority 1: Credit-bearing courses, their tests, and required class meetings
Priority 2: Academic or non-academic events for faculty and Supplemental Instruction Courses
Priority 3: Recurring and nonrecurring events for student organizations
Priority 4: Events extensively for the use of non-UWG affiliated entities

  • General Guidelines and Procedures
    • In order to accommodate social distancing, classroom capacities have been reduced to 25-30% of the normal room capacity. 
    • Effective July 15, 2020, University System of Georgia institutions, including the University of West Georgia, will require all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear an appropriate face covering while inside campus facilities/buildings where six feet social distancing may not always be possible. Face covering use will be in addition to and is not a substitute for social distancing.

      Face coverings are not required in campus outdoor settings where social distancing requirements are met. Anyone not using a face covering when required will be asked to wear one or must leave the area.

      Reasonable accommodations may be made for those who are unable to wear a face covering for documented health reasons.


    • Classrooms cannot be used without a reservation through Reserve West. 
    • The listed organization will be held liable for damages to the facility and its equipment. Damages to the facility may lead to suspension of reservation privileges, cancellation of upcoming reservations, and/or inability to submit request for future use of the facility.
    • All requests for tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, staging, room set-up, etc. must be made at the time of the reservation or at a scheduled meeting with the venue manager (or designee). Any reasonable room set-up changes or equipment changes to the original request must be made at least one week prior to the event. If changes are made after these deadlines, venue managers reserve the right to either not honor the changes or charge the group for the direct costs associated with the changes.
    • The use of all forms of tobacco products on University property is expressly prohibited. “Tobacco Products” is defined as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes and any other smoking devices that use tobacco such as hookahs or simulate the use of tobacco such as electronic cigarettes.
    • Prohibited items include helium balloons, glitter, fog machines, candles, open flame, and animals (service animals are permitted).
    • The use, charging, and unattended storage of self-balancing scooters (or “hoverboards”) is prohibited in all university buildings.
    • Amplified sound is prohibited in classrooms if the event scheduled is at the same time as courses being offered in the building.
    • All decorations and materials must follow Risk Management regulations. If any damage occurs to surfaces and/or excessive cleaning is required, the client may be assessed a fee. Helpful tips and acts that are prohibited:
    • Do not put tape, staples, tacks, nails, pins or hooks on the walls.
    • Do not cover sprinkler heads.
    • Decorations must not block exits for fire safety equipment.
    • Decorations should be removed immediately after the vent.
    • Events cannot block doorways, hallways or aisles with chairs, tables or persons without permission from the Coordinator of Events due to fire safety code.
    • Attendance at events will be limited to the defined room capacity.
  • Academic Course Scheduling Procedure
    Course Building and Scheduling Timelines
    Procedure for Room Assignments for Academic Courses 

    The Division of Academic Affairs and the Registrar’s Office adopted the following course scheduling procedure effective February 15, 2019. Each department is responsible for designating a user that is responsible for the following tasks.

    • Course Building Period - The Registrar’s Office will roll the semester from the previous like semester. Banner access is given to college/departments to make edits, delete courses, or add courses. No rooms assignments should be made in Banner with the exception of pre-designated rooms listed below.
    • Preference Period - College-level CPI users will have one week to set preferences in the Campus Planning Interface. Each college will have one representative who will have access to the CPI. The designee will work with departments within the college to set preferences for courses within the CPI.
    • Blackout Period - NO changes to course sections can be made during this time. The Academic Scheduler will spend approximately one month synchronizing courses into Reserve West to begin room assignments for a particular semester. The Academic Scheduler will work with each college and/or departmental to review room assignments.
    • Course Change Period - NEW Fall 2020! - Department-level users will use the newly adopted course change form to make requests for course changes. The Registrar's Office will receive a report of requested changes and will process in Banner two times per day. 

    Resources for the Campus Planning Interface can be found under the Tutorials tab above.

    Rooms Available for Centralized Course Scheduling

    All academic rooms, officially designated for instruction, will be available to schedule in Reserve West for centralized
    scheduling and optimization. Conference rooms that are not designated for instruction (i.e. Dean’s Office or departmental conference rooms) are not included in this process. Restricted rooms are also not included in this process.

    Pre-designated/Restricted Rooms:

    • Labs (Science, Computer Science, Exercise, and Speech Labs)
    • Music Restricted Classrooms and Practice Rooms
    • Seminar Rooms (TLC 1204 & 3205)
    • Theater Rooms (General lectures not included)
    • Art Restricted Classrooms and Studio Spaces
    • Chemistry Courses with Labs and SI Associated with Lecture
    • Non-Academic Spaces (i.e. The Oaks, Center Pointe Suites)
    • Classrooms for ADA Requests
    • Nursing Courses in Nursing Building Classrooms
    • Biology Courses in Biology Building Classrooms
    • Anthropology courses that require Anthropology 12
    • Newnan Courses
    • Mass Communication Courses in HUM 212, Pafford 212, and specialized labs

    All requests for special consideration in room scheduling not already addressed should be forward to David Jenks ( We will
    assess the situation and come to a resolution that best serves students, faculty, and staff.

  • Registered Student Organizations
    Policies and Procedures
    • Student organizations are Priority 3 and cannot make requests until the second week of the semester. Organizations may begin submitting reservations for Spring 2021 on January 4, but cannot begin using classrooms until January 18. Exceptions may be made for events not occuring during regularly scheduled class times. All requests will be reviewed beginning on January 11.
    • All requests must be submitted 10 business days in advance.
    • Only general classrooms are allowed for use by student organizations. Specialized classrooms such as labs are restricted and not eligible to be requested. A list of available classroom space for student organizations can be found here.
    • Reservations for registered UWG student organizations must be requested in conjunction with the organization's university advisor. Email notification will be sent by the Academic Scheduler to the advisor to request approval.
    • The sponsoring organization using the facility is responsible for the cost of any repair and/or replacement resulting from any damages to the facility and its equipment, enforcing UWG alcohol guidelines and smoke-free policy, adhering to all campus policies and procedures regarding security and conduct, and restoring  the facilities to their original state after the event.
    • Facilities that are left unusable for the next day will be traced to the group/organization, which will be charged for the cost of returning the facility to its pre-event status and the organization may be banned from future use of University facilities.

    • Specific Policies Per Building:
      • Nursing Building - only School of Nursing registered student organizations are allowed to reserve space in the Nursing Building.
      • Richard’s College of Business Buildings (Miller and Adamson Hall) - Only RCOB student organizations may use these facilities outside of normal business hours without an advisor present. All other campus organizations must have an advisor present outside of normal business hours which are 8am to 5pm.
      • Education Center - Effective Fall 2019, the building will close at 9:00 PM. Not student organization will be allowed to occupy the space after this time.
    • After Hours and Weekend Building/Room Access 
      • After Hours Reservations: Access to academic buildings ends at 8:00 PM Monday-Friday. Reservations after 8:00 PM in these spaces may require Access Control or University Police to unlock the room. Please note, it may not be possible at all times for UPD to unlock the space. If you need assistance accessing your reserved space, please call (678) 839-6000.
      • Weekend Reservations: Some academic buildings may be locked on the weekends. Reservations on the weekends in these spaces may require Access Control or University Police to unlock the room. Please note, it may not be possible at all times for UPD to unlock the space. If you need assistance accessing your reserved space, please call (678) 839-6000.
  • Third Party Groups

    In alignment with the BOR 6.14 Use of Institutional Facilities and Property Policy ( the University of West Georgia has adopted the following procedure for facility use by non-UWG affiliated persons or organizations.  

    Non-UWG Affiliated (Third Party) groups do not have access to the University of West Georgia’s Reserve West web app. Venue Managers will serve as event coordinators in the Reserve West Desktop Client for Non-UWG Affiliated (Third Party) groups. 


    The conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • The event type is one of the following:
      • Events arranged by federal, state, and local government agencies/organizations not affiliated with the University of West Georgia.
      • Career recruitment events arranged the University's students by commercial organizations not affiliated with the University of West Georgia. All commercial organizations must adhere to the University's Solicitation policy (
      • Training purposes for members of the community. 
      • Conferences 
      • Sign a facility use agreement with UWG for use of its facilities. This agreement is approved by the Office of Risk Management, University General Counsel, and the Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises and Business Services.
      • Obtain and provide a certificate of liability and property damage insurance that names the University of West Georgia as an additional insured. The liability limits will depend on the nature of the activity and shall be set by the Office of Risk Management.
      • Compensate the University of West Georgia for any charges associated with the event including, but not limited to, space rental, custodial services, and/or any other service fee that is required by the event.
      • Arrange food and beverage service through Dine West, where applicable.
      • Comply with the policies of the Board of Regents, the University of West Georgia, and the State of Georgia concerning alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and smoke-free products, and campus carry guidelines on campus.
      • Take reasonable care to ensure the physical safety and health of the participants and spectators.
      • Businesses cannot create a conflict of interest with the UWG courses and service projects.
    Policies and Procedures
    • Request must be submitted at least 10 days in advance for special events and/or meetings.
    • A minimum notice of 7 days is required for reservation cancellations. Email or call the venue manager to notify them of cancellations.
    • Reservation requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis within the priority tier.
    • Communication will be sent to the primary contact within 1-3 business days regarding the status of the request.
    • A request for space does not guarantee event approval. Requests may be denied if the event conflicts with any university policies or space accommodations cannot be met.
    Event Costs and Charges

    Depending on the nature, duration, and special requirements for events, the following charges may be assessed:

    • Facility rental fee;
    • University Police services;
    • Facilities Services, including set-up, porter service, break-down, clean-up, and maintenance service technicians).  Overtime (OT) services and services requested with less than 2 business days notice will be charged a 2-hour minimum per employee;
    • University parking personnel.
    • Current List of Charges
    Rooms Available to Request

    Current list of Academic Classrooms