Clinical Assistant Professor


I love Parker Palmers words: "Good teachers possess a capacity for connectedness" (Palmer 2006) because I believe that when these connections occur, learning is birthed. As I am connected to the material and my students, I am able to identify barriers to their learning and work towards bridging the gaps they may have. In today's increasingly diverse population of students, barriers can come in many ways and it is my responsibility through connectedness not only to identify barriers and adaptive instructional responses, but also to create the learning environment where there is freedom for dialogue and minimal assumptions. "Our assumptions about knowing can open up, or shut up, or shut down, the capacity for connectedness on which good teaching depends." As I teach, I will continue to strive for excellence in all that I do and to be forward thinking. Friedman 2007 discusses how futurists will constantly keep learning, understand the resources available and take initiative (p.291). I am committed to connectedness with students and the process of being a life-long learner with them, as well as, bringing excellence to forward thinking.

Education / Degrees

  • B.S., Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Eastern Michigan University,
  • M.S., Master of Science in Nursing, Indiana Wesleyan University,
  • Courses Taught
  • Course Sections and Syllabi

    Spring 2020 Sections

    • NURS-3301 (Clinical Practice I) Section: 91
    • NURS-3303 (Competency-Based Clinical Perf) Section: 91
    • NURS-4201 (Health Care of the Client III) Section: 91
    • NURS-4201 (Health Care of the Client III) Section: 92
    • NURS-4301 (Clinical Practice III) Section: 91

    Fall 2019 Sections

    • NURS-3000 (Holistic Health Assessment) Section: 91
    • NURS-3000 (Holistic Health Assessment) Section: 92
    • NURS-3000 (Holistic Health Assessment) Section: 93
    • NURS-4300 (Clinical Specialty Practice) Section: 01
    • NURS-4301 (Clinical Practice III) Section: 01
  • Other Information

    Areas of Expertise or Professional Interests

    I have a varied background with a consistent theme: Whether it is a patient, or a student, I love the process of teaching and helping break down barriers for the learner. Learning is a process and is fulfilling.

    Professional Memberships and Certifications

    Sigma Theta Tau
    Georgia Association for Nursing Education

    Personal Interests

    Being outdoors, plants, collecting rocks and shells from places I visit, reading, recipes, music, anything requiring creativity, travel, family

    The most unique thing about our programs is

    Decisions are made from the framework of caring for the student and with student success as the ultimate goal.