• Determine if a Check Request is an appropriate method of payment?

    Employees may use the Check Request Form for goods and services up to $2,499.99 that require immediate payment when a contract is not required and it is neither necessary to encumber funds in advance nor competitively select a vendor. Most payments that qualify for this procedure are listed on the Qualified Check Request Purchases document. Split payments by Check Request to avoid the $2,499.99 threshold are not allowed. Foreseeable purchases in a fiscal year that will exceed the $2,499.99 threshold should be submitted through ePro as a requisition.

  • Order office supplies?

    Office supplies may be purchased through the punch-out catalog with Staples which is in the GeorgiaFirst Marketplace via eProcurement. This is a convenience contract for general office supplies, paper, and toner. The contract number is 99999-001-SPD00000103-0001. UWG's contact for our Staples office supply contract is Randy McCoy, Strategic Account Leader Staples Advantage and can be reached by phone at 678-837-3002 or 770-262-8205, fax at 678-256-3341, or email at randy.mccoy@staples.com.

  • Return products via UPS?

    If your return is in a box with a prefixed label or call tag provided by the supplier please contact Central Stores Receiving and Delivery to pick up the product. UPS picks up returns at the warehouse daily at approximately 4 p.m. UPS will only keep call tags on the truck for three business days so it is essential that you contact CSR&D for pick up promptly.

    If you do not have a prefixed label or call tag you must fill out a UPS Authorization to Ship Form. Attach a copy of the completed form to your boxed return and contact CSR&D for pickup. The return will be processed through UPS Worldship.

  • Return products via FedEx Ground?

    FedEx Ground is a separate company from FedEx Express. All FedEx Ground returns must be accompanied by a FedEx prepaid ground label or a call label provided by the supplier. Contact CSR&D to pick up the return once it has been boxed and labeled appropriately. The package will be picked up by FedEx Ground from CSR&D's warehouse.

  • Return products via FedEx Express?

    FedEx Express is a separate company from FedEx Ground. FedEx Express packages can be picked up from the individual department. In order to return product via FedEx Express, contact FedEx and request pickup. Communicate the pickup location including building and room number to FedEx Express. FedEx Express will issue a six digit number. This number should be written on the box above the label.

  • Return products to Staples?

    Contact Staples to obtain a RMA number to be attached to your return. Staples requires a unique RMA number for each box. Once the RMA number is prominently displayed on your return, contact CSR&D to pick up the return. Staples' courier service will only ask once for the pickup, therefore, it is important that CSR&D be contacted as soon as possible after obtaining the RMA number from Staples. 

  • Look up a category code?

    DOAS has two search functions: Keyword search or complete list. There is also an exempt list

  • Look up a vendor number?

    If you cannot locate a vendor in the database, please contact the Controller's Office. If the vendor has not been set up in PeopleSoft you will need to obtain a Vendor Profile Form, W-9 Form and Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form  and submit it to the Controller's Office.

  • What is E-Verify?

    E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from an employee's Form I-9 to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. An Immigration or E-Verify affidavit is required for all transactions when any labor or services ("the physical performance of services") greater than $2,499.99 are procured or contracted for. The affidavit must be obtained prior to the service being contracted for or procured, except in the case of emergency repairs or services. A contract can be a formal written agreement, an order form, a purchase order, or a verbal contract for services. The Immigration/E-Verify affidavit requirement applies to contractors as well as any subcontractors the contractor may use.

  • Purchase or lease a copier?

    UWG utilizes the mandatory statewide contracts for the lease or purchase of multi-function devices. The contracted vendors are Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba and Xerox. The first step is to contact a sales representative at one or all of the contracted vendors and request a quote. Our sales representatives are:  Allison Hooton with Canon, Stan Fuhr with Ricoh, Casey Eidson with Toshiba and Terone Harris with Xerox.  Once you have settled on which copier you wish to lease or purchase, enter a requisition in ePro and attach the quote. If you need assistance with the copier purchase, contact Diana Davis.

  • Get a wireless device or service? 

    UWG utilizes the Georgia Technology Authority's contract number 98000-GTA794. All purchases made under this contract must be for public use only. Purchases for personal use by public employees or officials are prohibited. These contracts provide wireless communications services, devices, products and integration solutions for state agencies. Agencies can now choose from multiple vendors to include new technologies, products, services and suppliers at a discount. The contract numbers all start with the same enterprise number, followed by an individual three-digit vendor identifier. Be sure to note the full contract number and unique identifies when placing an order with a vendor. Eligible Users: Any state agency, city, county, municipality or other political sub-division of the state that agrees to be bound by GTA's procurement rules. The departments should have a process to review and approve the continued use of devices. This review can be accomplished in conjunction with the department's tracking and inventory of devices. A special requisition needs to be entered to encumber the funds for any device and or service before the order can be placed. Please contact Purchasing Services for more information.

  • Buy a kitchen appliance for our building?

    Contact WIC and place a work order request for replacement or new purchase of appliance.