Associate Professor


Christine Simmonds-Moore earned her Ph.D in psychology (investigating schizotypy as an anomaly-prone personality) from University of Northampton in the UK. In 2010, she left her native UK (where she had been working as a psychology professor at Liverpool Hope University) for the USA. Christine worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Rhine Research Center in Durham North Carolina until she moved to Carrollton in August 2011 to join the psychology department at UWG. Her research interests include the study of personality types who are prone to subjective anomalous and paranormal experiences and beliefs (in particular, positive schizotypy and transliminality); transpersonal experiences; the overlaps between parapsychology and clinical psychology/mental health; cognitive and neurobiological correlates of paranormal experiences (e.g., attention); synesthesia and anomalous experiences and how sleep-related and other altered states of consciousness relate to subjective anomalous experiences. Christine has worked on a variety of Bial (and other) funded research projects, including anomalous healing, ganzfeld research, virtual reality and ESP, gender role and anomalous experiences and beliefs, mental health, paranormal experiences and cognitive disinhibition, the similarity between subliminal processing and ESP, a project exploring paranormal belief and disbelief and the detection of signals amid random visual and auditory noise and the psychology of ghosts. She is the editor of Exceptional Experience and Health: Essays on Mind, body and human potential, a co-author of text book on Anomalistic Psychology and is working on a book about the psychology and parapsychology of ghosts. 

Education / Degrees

  • B.A., Psychology, University of Wales, Swansea, 1993
  • M. Phil., Cognitive Science, Dundee University, 1999
  • Ph.D., Psychology, Leicester University and University of Northampton, 2003
  • Postgraduate Diploma, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University, 2008