Frequently Asked Questions:

Almost all students at the University will take COMM 1110 as a part of their program. The course is a study of the principles and practice of public speaking with an emphasis on the organization of material and the vocal and physical aspects of delivery in various public speaking situations. 

Many students enter the class with a few fears and several questions. Before enrolling, be sure to familiarize yourself with course expectations and find resources to help you get started.

Why do I need to take COMM 1110?

Two reasons:        

1. Throughout your academic career you will be making presentations in other classes, regardless of your major.  Yes, even if you are an accounting major, you will make presentations. 

2. Ask any potential employer what abilities they look for in a potential job candidate and communication will be at the top of their list.  To succeed in your career, you need to have strong verbal and writing skills, and you need to be able to communicate effectively in groups and interpersonal relationships.  These are not skills with which we are naturally born. They must be learned.

How many speeches are required for COMM 1110?

Currently, in every COMM 1110 class, you will be required to create and perform Demonstration, Informative and Persuasive speeches.  You will create and perform AT LEAST one additional speech, though some instructor's requirements may exceed these.

Where are the University's Speech Communication Labs located?

Pafford 212 and Humanities 212.  Each lab is equipped with a high resolution, directional camera and computer with recording software, track lighting, and podium.  Student course fees help to maintain our labs.

Helpful links for COMM 1110 students:

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