UWGCE offers a variety of online Professional Learning Units (PLU) approved classes.  Regardless of your schedule or location, you can earn professional learning units when it’s convenient for you, and in topics that will increase your skills.  From solving discipline problems to TESOL courses, you’re sure to find classes that will help you create effective solutions for career progression and classroom wisdom.

In the State of Georgia, teachers are required to complete 10 professional learning units (PLUs) every 5 years in order to retain their teaching certificates.

Step OneView Georgia Approved Online Courses for PLU Credit List and complete PLU Prior Approval Form (may be required by your School System or Professional Learning Coordinator).
Step Two – Register for our PLU Approved Courses and Notify UWGCE:
Register from our list of PLU approved courses and notify us that would like PLU credit for successfully completing the course.  You should notify us immediately after registering for the course that you would like PLU credit for the course.
Step Three – Successfully complete the course.
Step Four – Notify UWGCE upon successful course completion to receive the required PLU Course Completion Form.
Step Five - Complete and submit the required PLU Course Completion Form to the BOE to receive the PLU credit for your course.