For regular admission to the program, a student must present an undergraduate major in English or equivalent coursework in English (3.20 GPA) from an accredited institution, three letters of recommendation from sources qualified to address the candidate's specific disciplinary strengths, and a persuasive narrative statement that articulates the candidate's reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in English. Applicants should also demonstrate proficiency by achieving a minimum score of 500 on the verbal portion of the GRE (if taken prior to August 2011) or a 153 on the verbal portion of the GRE (if taken since August 2011) and 4.5 on the GRE analytical writing test. See the GRE website ( for more information. Applicants to the M.A. in English with an overall or major GPA of 3.5 and above in a B.A. program in English (completed in the last 10 years) are exempt from the GRE requirement. All decisions on admission will be made by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation, as needed, with members of the graduate program committee, subject to final administrative approval.