If you have holds of any kind, you will be unable to register for classes. 

If you have an advisement hold, please contact your academic advisor.  For other holds, please contact Enrollment Services at (678) 839-6421 or enroll@westga.edu.

If you receive a major restriction, this means you have not completed the requirements to be eligible to take upper level courses.  If you are currently registered for and will successfully complete these requirements this semester, please contact your advisor.  Students must successfully complete ENGL 1101 (with a C or higher), MATH 1111 (with a C or higher), MATH 1413, ECON 2105 or 2106, ACCT 2101, 45 credit hours and have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to take 3000/4000 level business classes.  A 2.0 GPA is required for all business courses.  A 2.0 GPA is required for Area F, Business Core Area, and Major Area (only one (1) D allowed in major area).

If you receive a pre-requisite error, this means you are not eligible to take a class because you haven’t had the classes necessary to prepare you for the class.


ABED 3100 - B1 Course
CISM 3330 - CISM 2201
ECON 3402 - CISM 2201
ECON 3406 - ECON 3402 and MATH 1413
FINC 3511 - ACCT 2101
MGNT 3600 - BUSA 2106
MGNT 3615 - ECON 3402
MKTG 3803 - None
MGNT 4660 - All area F courses (ECON 3402, FINC 3511, MGNT 3600, MKTG 3803, Senior Status)
International Selects:
FINC 4521 - FINC 3511
MKTG 4866 - MKTG 3803
MGNT 4625 - MGNT 3600
ECON 4450 - ECON 2105 and ECON 2106

Contact your advisor if you receive any type of registration errors.

If you receive a college restriction, this indicates you are a non-college of business major attempting to register for 3000 level or above business classes.  You must visit the Department Chair for the class you want to take for approval for the class.  

If you receive an error that the class you want is full, you must complete the course override form via the links below:

For MGNT, CISM, BUSA - https://www.westga.edu/academics/business/management/course-override-form.php
For ACCT, FINC - https://www.westga.edu/academics/business/accounting-finance/course-override-form.php
For ECON - https://www.westga.edu/academics/business/economics/course-override-form.php
For ABED, MKTG, RELE - https://www.westga.edu/academics/business/marketing-real-estate/course-override-form.php

Please remember that you will need to fill out ONE per class that you need.  Please also note that responses back to you granting or denying the course will be within one week.  However, approval is not a guarantee.  You will receive information on your approval or denial.

Class  Chair  Location 
MKTG  Dr. Talpade  Miller Hall, Room 2301 
RELE  Dr. Talpade  Miller Hall, Room 2301 
ABED  Dr. Talpade Miller Hall, Room 2301
MGNT  Dr. Gainey  Miller Hall, Room 2216 
CISM  Dr. Gainey  Miller Hall, Room 2216 
BUSA  Dr. Gainey  Miller Hall, Room 2216 
ECON  Dr. Smith  Miller Hall, Room 1306 
ACCT  Dr. Colley  Adamson Hall, Room 202 
FINC  Dr. Colley  Adamson Hall, Room 202