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Graduate Program Committee (GPC)


Laurie Ware - Chair
Mary Bishop
Susan Welch
Michelle Byrne
Sharon Cumbie
Tammy McClenny
Tina Warren
Carol Wilson
Embry Ice

  1. Membership
    1. Associate Dean for Graduate Education, graduate program directors and representatives from the faculty-at-large.
      1. Associate Dean for Graduate Education shall serve as chair of the Graduate Program Committee;
      2. minimum of five (5) faculty shall be elected from the faculty-at-large fora two year term;
        1. minimum of three (3) of the faculty above must hold regular graduate faculty status;
        2. minimum of one (1) of the faculty above must be non-tenure track;
      3. one (1) MSN and one (1) EdD student.
  2. Purpose(s) and Functions
    1. The purposes of the Graduate Program Committee (GPC) shall be to make decisions regarding development, recommendation, implementation, and/or evaluation of policies and procedures for graduate faculty, students, and graduate curricular matters related to:
      1. program missions and objectives;
      2. program curricula, including course learning goals and content, course sequencing and offerings, teaching-learning activities, and evaluation methods;
      3. adequacy of resources to meet program missions, objectives, and expected results;
      4. advisement, recruitment, and orientation of students;
      5. admission/readmission criteria, progression, and graudation;
      6. dismissal;
      7. grading;
      8. clinical requirements;
      9. annual review/revision of the THS SON Graduate Student Handbook and update during the academic year;
      10. integration of simulation and other technologies.