Events and Room Reservations

The University of West Georgia Tanner Health Systems School of Nursing Building, Room Reservations


UWG Faculty, Staff and Nursing Students (currently in THS SON program) please use the Reservation Form to request a room or space for the Tanner Health System School of Nursing building. All requests must be at least 5 business days in advance of the date needed.

Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm

Events outside of normal business hours and Large events  may require additional rooms and arrangements that need to be made with Facilities, ITS, Risk Management, Campus Police in addition to the THS SON room reservation.

Spaces Available for Reservations

Room: 102 Building Lobby

Room: 104 Exterior Glass Conference Room (seats: 12)   

Room: 106 Classroom (seats: 135) Tiered, Fixed Seating

Room: 110 Classroom (seats: 40)

Room: 111 Reflection Lounge (seats: 6)  

Room: 112 Multi-Purpose Room (seats: 24)  

Room: 115 Classroom (seats: 65 – 81) Tiered, Fixed Seating

Room: 121 Classroom (seats: 40) Fixed Seating

Room: 122 Classroom (seats: 36) Fixed Seating

Room: 200 Conference Room (seats: 18)  

Room: 200-C4 Open Area Student Lounge (seats: 6)   

Room: 201 Glassed-In Student Study Room (seats: 12)  

Room: 202 Glassed-In Student Study Room (seats: 12)

Room: 203-F Graduate Student Conference Room (seats: 10)   

Room: 203-G Graduate Study Room (seats: 14)  

Room: 204 Exterior Glass Conference Room (seats: 12)   

Room: 214 Nursing Skills Assessment/Classroom (seats: 48)   

Room: 218 PBL-Classroom (seats: 36)

Room: 219 PBL-Classroom (seats: 36)

Room: 319 Exterior Glass Conference Room (seats: 12)

Room: 339 Graduate Research Conference Room (seats: 6)   

Room: 345 Dean’s Conference Room (seats: 17)   

Room: 350 Conference Room (seats: 10)